Mission Vision and Values
Dr. Candace
Dr. Candace
Our mission is to help each person find their “one true” voice and to live his or her best and most fulfilling life possible.
We are a soft place to land, to rediscover our value and worth, heal, make the best choices possible, then go out and change our little piece of the world.
  • Do no harm.
  • To have each person leave each meeting with a better sense of self, greater confidence, healing, and a compass for the immediate future.
  • To always value each person’s diversity, spiritual core and essence, and personhood.
  • To allow the client to make his or her own choices for good.
  • To sustain shared respect, communication, and commitment between the client and spiritual mentor/guide.
  • To hold the highest values and integrity in helping the client to succeed. Clients may stop if they ever feel unwell or uncomfortable.


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Mission Vision and Values

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