August Color Guide for the Month
Dr. Candace
Dr. Candace

What color are you most drawn to? Look at the colors below. Close your eyes and create a blank canvas in your mind. Now visualize yourself as the artist. You are sitting at an easel, choosing a paintbrush, and looking down at the colors on the artist’s pallet. Which color does your paintbrush touch first?

If you are drawn to Green, then your personal word for the month is Creativity. 

Take the time to explore your creative self. Finger paint, color, sing in the shower, dance in your kitchen, or tell a story to someone who needs one. Creativity is about self-expression, and Spirit encourages you to take a risk and let your creative energies flower.

Lavender (Candace’s color for the month😊) If you are drawn to lavender, then your word for the month is Persistence. I used to think of persistence as doing something even when I did not want to. Spirit encourages Lavender people to be persistent in finding their true North and living their own dream. Lavender people march to the beat of their own drummer. Some people do not get us. Do not worry if you are a late bloomer. You have already found your calling. Now, answer the phone!

Red: If you focus on the color red, your word is Enthusiasm. You are an energetic and soulful person who loves deeply and is a faithful and loyal friend. This month, be your own authentic friend and treat yourself with love. You are burning the candle at both ends. Take a moment to rest and recharge. Your passion flourishes when your mind, body, and spirit are calm.

Turquoise: If you embrace the color turquoise, then your word for this month is: Tenacity. This month you struggle with commitment, and Spirit wants you to know that you can trust yourself to make the correct decisions for your life path. Indecision allows growth as you explore many options but may also hold you back. Spirit wants you to know that you already know the correct way for yourself. Allow yourself to embrace the journey and be tenacious in following the course.

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