Dr. Candace
Dr. Candace
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“Sometimes, God will place a wall on your path to force you to go in another direction.”

                                                   ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

God’s/ The Universe/ The Creator’s Plan is not entirely transparent. In fact, most of the time, I feel like I am wading through murky waters.

When I first began my spiritual awakening, my father’s mother came to me and told me to “Clean House.” As a reasonably clean person (my family would say somewhat obsessive), I had no idea what my grandma meant. So, I went through my home, room by room, drawer by drawer, trying to clean up and organize and tear down the walls of disorganization. Today, as I reflect, my Grandma Brown wanted me to begin to clear the space of all of the people and things that did not serve my higher self. She also tried to prepare me for the changes that were about to slap me in the face. Maybe punch is the more appropriate word.

I have cleared the space in the past years through my actions, prayers, and meditation. Each day I ask to be surrounded by people who trust, believe, and support me. The rest I ask to fall away with love and with gratitude. All those that have called me: delusional, mental, crazy, or asked if I have a brain tumor have all been wiped away.

You may think, “Candace must be surrounded by many people who support this new calling.”

The answer is “No.”

99.9 percent of the people I considered my friends and knew to be my family members are no longer around. Excluding my family that lives with me, I had 1 person who has made an effort to go through this experience with me and to help me in the most painful periods. 

One night I was sitting in the bathtub, crying. I felt like every choice I had made in my life had been surrounded by a lie. The spiritual and emotional wall of deep resentment, anger, and betrayal builds. Then I heard God’s voice, and I felt surrounded by peace.

God’s voice said, “Candace, many people love you.”

Me: Where are they? I need real-life people to experience happiness with. You can’t go to the movies with dead people.

God: “The people that love you are here on this Earth. Be patient. You haven’t met them yet.”

As we create space, tear down walls, and move around walls to go in another direction, there is lots of pain. However, there is a purpose for the pain: to grow. I have learned to trust Spirit without reservation and to know that the right people will enter my life when I am ready. The more I give up harmful habits, self-talk, and self-criticism, the more likely the right people will be attracted to my soul.

If you feel alone and like the walls are closing in. 

I understand.

If you feel like you don’t have any friends or family that know the “real” you.

I understand.

If sometimes, breathing is hard.

I understand.

Here are my meditation and prayer to call in new, exciting, and lovable people. If you need additional support (don’t we all), I will provide you with a link to some of my favorite meditations on Youtube.

Daily meditation can be recited as many times a day as needed. I use the term God, but feel free to insert the name that is most comfortable to you.

God, thank you for this time. I am grateful for all of the people I love and love. Today, I ask that only the people with my best intentions, those who support me and inspire and lift me up, remain at my side. I would ask those who do not have my best choices at heart to fall away in love. Always know they are allowed to do so if and when they want to return for mutual love, support, and friendship. Amen.

It is my fondest hope that this meditation and prayer provide you with comfort and support. You may feel shocked by how many people leave you quickly. Allow them to go and wait for the best people for you to appear in your life.

Spirit says:

Know that you are worthy of the greatest and highest forms of love. 

Your people will show up.

You are everything.

You are the miracle.



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