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“My experience with Candace was the most amazing and comforting experience I could have ever hoped for. She is such a kind and genuine person- she truly cares about her clients and it really shows in how much she goes above and beyond to give you exactly what it is you were looking for. For me, she helped me to feel comfort in knowing my purpose and my path in life. She also allowed me to hear from a loved one that I had been longing to hear from- and gave me re-assurances that I was needing. I truly have never had a more incredible experience in my life. I am so grateful for what Candace has done for me and the confidence and peace she has left me with. Thank you so much for everything Candace!“

Maddi Gilbert, Arizona

“I had the most amazing reading from Dr. Candace Adams. Daddy came through tonight and Dr. Adam’s mentioned Daddy was showing her his cigarette and he mentioned eating wrong and how we were two peas in a pod, etc. How he was sorry his didn’t take care of his body to live longer to be with us girls. (I took that as him mentioning my Mom and sister.) I am thrilled that I had that little moment with Daddy to give me an extra boost in my life.”

Allison G. Gilbert, Arizona

My session with Dr. Candace Adams was unlike anything I have ever experienced. In a caring and compassionate manner, she described events in my life with total and complete accuracy. I am amazed by the depth of her abilities as the information flowed freely through her. She knew details from my past that even I had forgotten, and she helped me understand their relevancy in my present life and current relationships. She brought clarity and insight into situations that I have been struggling with for a very long time. I left our session feeling lighter and more at peace than I have in many years. Thank you, Dr. Adams!

Kay Mesa, Arizona

“I don’t know if words can really do justice for what my experience with Candace, and what talking with her meant to me. As soon as we started talking, I felt like we had been friends since childhood. Candace knew things about me that only someone who knows me at my core could actually know and understand. I honestly feel like Candace awakened some very deep feelings inside of me that I knew were there, but I was afraid to tap into those feelings. Candace will walk you through the process in the most kind, compassionate way possible.“

Dr. Maureen Greenville, North Carolina

I would like to start by expressing my utmost gratitude for your gentle soul! I feel that we have crossed paths because you are helping and guiding me in this next chapter of my life. Your welcoming, kindness and genuine way of working with me has been a blissful experience. Your intuition, guidance and the iway you deliver the messages have been a great help! Your words of encouragement and the ability to understand and see everything so clearly is amazing! I feel more at ease, and open to receiving LOVE in my life now! I feel this lightness and trustworthy feeling in my soul that my Miracle has begun! I keep hearing your voice telling me "YOU ARE READY". I find myself waking up every morning with this utter joy of living my life in the best way possible. The knowledge and guidance you have given me feels peaceful, right, and exciting. Thank you so much and 'm super excited Candace to see all this just come to fruition! I will keep you posted! Kindly, Marie

Marie Phoenix, Arizona