Signs from Spirit: Repeated Numbers
Dr. Candace
Dr. Candace
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Repeated numbers, feathers, a tingling at the nape of your neck, coins in unexpected places, flickering lights, a warm flush?

These are all signs that your angels surround you, providing you with guidance, comfort, and hope. As you progress in your spiritual journey, there are daily signs from angels showing support and love.

My spiritual journey began just 4 years ago when I was in my 50’s. I did not grow up in the metaphysical world; quite the contrary, I was raised Catholic. My experience indicates that spiritual awakening can happen at any time in one’s life. It may unfold gradually or, if you are like me, feel like a tidal wave.

Each experience is different, and there is no need for comparison. Your angels and guides have the perfect plan for you. Your only job is to ask, receive, trust, and follow.

Today we will focus on repeated numbers and how Spirit sends messages in each set of numbers.

There is no coincidence. Spirit is trying to gain your attention to help guide, encourage and share important things.

Spirit shares with me that every number holds energy and specific vibration. Numbers are also an easy way for Spirit to connect and support. Angels want to help us overcome life’s challenges. 

Spirit often says to me, “We are no one without you. We would be bored if we could not help and support you. Thank you for allowing us to provide guidance.”

Take a peek at the numbers below. Have you seen repeated patterns with these numbers in your daily life? For example, on the clock, watch, phone, as you are looking at the weather, car license plates?

The numbers that are most prominent at the beginning of a spiritual journey are:






Do any of these numbers resonate with you?

Here is a quick reference guide to the meaning of these angel numbers.

111- These numbers indicate that your thoughts are quickly manifesting into reality. The things that are on your mind will come to pass. Be positive in your thoughts. Do not let fear rule you. Instead, know that everything good is a possibility; you only need to continue to focus on prospering.

Takeaway: You are on the right path. Focus on your goals. The angels and Spirit have your back.

1212 or a combination of 1212: This number indicates that you are on a spiritual journey. You desire to be more connected to Spirit and to others who share the same mindset of peace, love, and harmony. These numbers indicate that you are on the correct spiritual path and that you should continue to study, learn, and meditate to ascend to the next level of spiritual awakening.

Takeaway: Continue on with your spiritual learning and exploration. You have much to offer.

333: People often wake up at night and see the number 333 on the clock. This is not an alarming number. Instead, it is a sign from the angels that you are highly intuitive and possibly psychic. The angels are connecting with you because you have important work to do. 

Takeaway: Spirit wants you to know that you have essential “light work” to do. You are a healer. Explore healing possibilities. You are on the sacred path of discovery.

555: This series of numbers indicates that your angels are helping you with your material and financial needs. You are creating abundance and manifesting your future with your ideas and hard work. Spirit wants you to know that your hard work will pay off if you continue on the path.

Takeaway: Your positive actions will have positive and abundant outcomes. Continue to have uplifting thoughts and visualize your success.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes each day to document the repeated signs you are seeing.

Eventually, you will see a pattern leading to a larger message from Spirit to further guide you. My 3 Minute Miracle Journal can get you started in the right direction.

Spirit wants you to know that:

You are everything.

You are the miracle.



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Signs from Spirit: Repeated Numbers

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