Physical Signs that you are in the next phase of your spiritual journey.
Dr. Candace
Dr. Candace

People begin their spiritual journey the moment they take their first breath. We are born curious, with the need to know, the need to be recognized, and the need to feel things deeply. When we are younger, we move quickly, afraid to let one moment pass; we want to take it all in.

Spiritual awakening can come at any time during a lifetime. For many, people, this transformation begins when our children are older or grown, and we have the ability to slow down and think about who we are and what we want in the next phase of our lives.

I was in my mid-50s when my spiritual awakening began. I was taking a class on mediumship and intuition. One day, I threw the keys up to the sky and asked for help and guidance. I felt as if my life were a mess, and I did not know why. I also began to pray/meditate each day and connect with Spirit in the hopes of resetting my life’s journey.

My awakening came on like a bolt of lightning. Each day brought new gifts and insights. However, I did not know how challenging and scary it could be. I took it all at once without knowing that I could ask Spirit to slow down or to stop while my mind, body, and soul caught up.

It is important to know that like any journey, you are the one in control. You have the ability to ask and expect your needs to be met by Spirit. The universe wants to help however time is not a factor for Spirit unless we communicate. Spiritual ascension includes the physical body. If you are reading this, Spirit knows that you are going through some major physical changes. The following signs are commonplace with increased spiritual growth. Know that you are unique and honor all that your spirit and your body are going through.

Temperature Changes: Your body is going through a spiritual transformation. Your DNA and your cells are changing rapidly. Therefore, you will feel bouts of hot and cold throughout the day and night. I felt intense hot flashes. Sometimes my ears burned, and the top of my head felt hot and tingly. My hands would grow hot, and my feet would grow cold; all at the same time. I was unsure if I was going through menopause (I was) or if this was part of the spiritual ascension (that as well). 

I had to teach myself to ask for the physical aspects to slow down or to show up in different ways. For example, instead of my ears burning and my face breaking out in a cold sweat, I could ask for a gentle tickle on my ears and a gentle and kind flush to my face. In this way, I had physical validation that my ascension was taking place, however, it did not hurt or make me feel uncomfortable.


The temperature changes indicate that you are being visited and connected to Divine Spirit. You are loved and honored for who you are. Take a moment to tap in: Allow love to enter your heart.

Miracle Slowdown Meditation

“Spirit, I am grateful that I am awakening a deeper and more soulful part of me. I ask that you create a gentle and loving way for the physical changes to provide me with validation.”

Tingling throughout the body: You may feel tingling in your hands or feet or other parts of your extremities. You may also feel intense tingling in your third eye chakra which is located between your eyes. This is because your soul has asked for a change and a different way of being. The energy is coming from Spirit and you are allowing this energy to run through your body. This is a normal part of spiritual awakening, so do not feel afraid. If it hurts, then go to your Miracle Slowdown Meditation. 


The exciting part of the tingling is that you are open to guidance, support, and love from Spirit. You are in exactly the place where you are supposed to be. You are receiving Divine Guidance. Take a moment to tap in: Allow acceptance to enter your heart.

Miracle Slowdown Meditation

“Spirit, I am grateful that I am awakening a deeper and more soulful part of me. I ask that you create a gentle and loving way for the physical changes to provide me with validation.”

Ringing in your ears: Do you hear ringing in your right ear? Left ear? Both ears? Does it sound distant and then close? You might also hear bells ringing, your doorbell ringing, a sound like a slot machine, trumpets of angels, or church bells.

Do you hear: “Ping, ping, ping, ping” or a slow and steady buzz or hum? You might also feel this ringing inside your entire body. Almost like bees are buzzing from the inside. How about the sound of drums or cymbals or other musical instruments? There is nothing to fear. You are not crazy or losing your hearing. This is Spirit connecting with you in amazing ways. Take a moment to tap in; Allow freedom to enter your heart.


These sounds are Spirit showing you how powerful you are. You are an oracle and have the ability to channel energy and to channel sound. You are the radio for the universe. Do not be afraid. This is an incredible gift.

My physical experience was one that was incredibly fast. Although I was not afraid, I was tired, agitated, and irritable. The spiritual and physical changes often made me feel like I was on a ship during a heavy thunderstorm. I could not find my sea legs. 

I hope that this blog has filled you with comfort to know that your experience is unique however many of us have been through similar challenges. Know that you are embarking on the greatest journey of your life. This spiritual journey will transform you in ways that you cannot imagine. There are only good things ahead. You are always in control.

You are loved and supported always.

You are the miracle.





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