Step One: Ask

To begin, have at least five minutes to yourself in a quiet space. If you use daily keys, then take them out now.  I like to go outside because I feel more grounded there; however, it needs to be a space that works for you. Once you find your quiet area, then close your eyes and clear your mind. Think of a place that is peaceful and serene. I often think about walking on the beach. I try to envision what the beach feels like, smells like, and tastes like. Once I clear my mind, I begin with a daily intention. I send out daily hugs (intention) each day, or you can choose your own.

This is one of my favorite examples from Louise Hay:
Repeat the intention at least five times, breathing slowly and feeling the affirmation throughout your body. Think of arms surrounding your body.

Step Two: Listen

Surround yourself with golden light. Ask Divine Spirit, God, and your angels to surround you with their light. Picture the light stretching from the sky down through your crown chakra. Then moving from your head all the way to your toes. Think about the golden light swirling from the inside of your body to the outside of your body. You are in the eye of a golden light swirling inside of you and outside of you. Breathe the golden light in and out.  Ask for protection and support for your highest self.  Try and clear your mind except for the golden light. After a few moments or a minute or several minutes, you will begin to see other images. Notice the sights, sounds, smells, and ideas that enter your mind. Try and reserve judgment as you let the images flow in and out of your mind and body. Do not worry about remembering anything. What you need will be with you after the meditation.

Step Three: Receive

If you use miracle keys, then you may take them out now. The golden light is still in you and around you. Take five more deep breaths, allowing the golden light to fill your lungs. Take out your keys and throw them up while asking for your miracle to continue for the day (if you are using real keys, make sure to open your eyes, so they do not land on your head-ouch). Get ready!

Final Thoughts

Calling in a miracle is fast, easy, and a fantastic way to begin your day. If you want to continue the exercise, write your thoughts and reflections for the day in your own Miracle Journal, or you may already have a journal or notebook. The journal will help you record your impressions and be important in the next phase of your journey. Miracles are personal and subjective. Daily miracles from Divine Spirit let us know that we are supported and loved and on the right path to be our most genuine selves.


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