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Spiritual Healer

Education & Certifications

  • Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master’s in Secondary Education
  • Master’s in Educational Leadership and Supervision
  • Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism
  • Certified Life Coach Practitioner
  • 10,000+ hours Sexual Trauma Expert
  • Trauma-Informed Advocate
  • Ordained Minister
  • Reiki Master

Dr. Candace Adams

A beginning of Miracles

Is it possible for one moment to change your life? Is it possible that this moment could change the trajectory of the path that you are on? How much of our life is a choice? How much fate? How much Divinity?

My moment occurred in December of 2018, near Phoenix, Arizona. The computer screen and my eyesight were growing fuzzy while evaluating graduate papers, and I heard a voice that was my voice but not my voice. 

“Candace, how are you?”

Me: “Fine, how are you? Who is this?”

“It is God.”

Me: “Oh, Hello.”

“Candace, you have been praying for a long time, and now you have opened the door to your spirituality. You have been faithful in following what we have asked you to do, even when you do not understand the outcome. We need you to do something for us.”

Me: “God, I hope it is not hard. I am exhausted.”

“It is very hard, but you have the strength to do it. Will you consider it? It is your choice, and we will not be mad if you say, No.”

Me: “God, you know this is Candace Adams from Arizona. I am the one with the salty language who loves decorating and lip gloss and shoes. Does it have anything to do with the things that I love?”

“You are going to do many things, but we want you to be a spiritual healer. This type of healing is what you were meant to do. We also need to speed things along for you. It will be challenging, but you are strong, and we are with you.”

Me: “I cannot be Mother Teresa; the veil would cover up my highlights. I have been poor and almost homeless. I can’t go back to that. I was miserable. Also, I am 53 years old. What can I do to help? Who would listen to me? I do not know how to help people spiritually. I am a college professor, not a spiritual healer.”

God: “You do not feel like you are ready…. Not yet. But soon.  Will you accept?”

Me: “Okay, but you have the wrong person. Check the spiritual address book. Your Divine GPS is way off.”

In that one moment, my life changed course in the most dramatic way. I was no longer the person I was even minutes before. Instead, I was on my way to the person I was born to be. Please join me as I continue my fantastic journey. Each day brings a miracle. Miracles are meant to happen to each one of us.

Are you ready for yours to begin?

Helping You Create Your Own Daily Miracles.

For the past 23 years, I have dedicated my life as a teacher, coach, and mentor; however, I felt and knew that I was incomplete and that there was something missing. There was a hole in my heart and soul that could not be filled through hard work, and degrees, and money. In fact, the harder I worked, the more miserable I became. I could not understand why I was so sad and so despondent and so angry when it seemed like I had so much.

So, if you have found me, know that there is “no random.” If my life can be changed in the most profound ways, then your life can be changed in those ways, for the better, as well. I am proof that miracles exist and that each one of us can ask and expect miracles each day.

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know more about me. These new gifts and talents were bestowed upon me in order to help as much as I can for as long as I can. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you and to work with you.

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Dr. Candace Adams