Uncover Your Path

Guided sessions to help you walk fearlessly forward and heal what’s holding you back. Psychic, Medium, Spiritual and Educational Healing sessions to empower you.

You are here. And you know that there are no coincidences, life is not random. Your miracle has already started.

Do you feel the vibration? The calling within you to dive deeper into your thoughts, beliefs, and capabilities? It’s your consciousness speaking to you, asking you to travel your inner path.

Lean In

If you have that uneasy feeling, the one that itches you from deep under the skin. That makes you feel restless and irritates your presence, that is your soul tapping you on the shoulder, doing everything to gain your conscious awareness to pay attention. Because something is off. Something is holding you back, stopping you from seeing your truth, your worth, your beautiful future.

That’s where the miracles happen. That’s what we do together.


When you walk in your truth, confront your past, sit with your loss, and open your heart to new possibilities you begin to leave the shackles of your pain and feel free. Freer than you have ever been.

But you don’t walk it alone. 

Together we call together your spiritual supporters, those who have moved on but whose belief in you and love for you are eternal. And we sit in silence as we listen to them and feel their presence.


Your miracles are there. But right now, at this very moment in time, you may be blind to them and to the potential you carry. 

Together, we take off the blindfold, we call on your spiritual guides, and we set you on your path of freedom.

Freedom from negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs.
Freedom from your own set points to open up the unlimited potential you carry within.

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Calling for a miracle in 3 easy steps

Step One: Ask

As the morning begins, take three minutes to center yourself and call in your miracle. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, take three full breaths, and feel the tension leaving your body.
Call in a beautiful image or memory that brings you great joy. Allow your heart to fully open and expand. Your heart feels whole and present for all day's beautiful possibilities. Ask Spirit to help guide and encourage you throughout the day.
Repeat the following slowly and with purpose.
I am inspired and motivated to achieve everything my heart desires. I am whole and well. I have a Divine Purpose. I am following my path. I am right where I need to be.

Step 2: Awaken

Your body begins to awaken. Allow the divine golden light of support to enter your body; tickle your toes, and move up throughout your legs, torso, and arms. This golden light continues to travel through your back and spine, around your chest, and to your shoulders, neck, and up through your crown. You can feel the energy moving like a spinning ball up and down and throughout your body. Allow the golden circle to move up and down and throughout your entire body.
You also feel your spirit lifting as the golden ball rolls into your heart and then spins around and through.
You feel lighter as the golden light moves from your heart up through your crown. You feel the ball expanding from the top of your head, making a clear path up to Spirit.

Step 3: Receive

Ask for Divine Guidance and to awaken your highest self. Allow your heart to fully open. Your heart feels full as it expands. Your chest may feel warm and tingly. Your body is lighter. You may feel like your body is moving upward toward the sky. Allow this fantastic feeling to settle with and in you for as long as it feels right. Throw the keys to your amazing present and future to the heavens. Extend gratitude for all that you are and all you will become. Thank the Universe for all of the blessings.

You are ready for your miracle to begin.

Our paths have crossed...

Guided by the philosophy that each person is unique, special, and has the right to a happy and rewarding life, I have been guiding miracles for those who seek them as a teacher and mentor for 25 years.

I have been using my gifts of mediumship, psychic energy, and channeling to help people like you to see your highest and happiest potential. Are you ready to begin your path?

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Your miracle has already started.

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